We want you to think carefully, and to research several thoughtful points of view, all disagreeing with each other about what should be talked about, what should be asked, and what the complete and honest answers are to the questions.

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what questions would others tell you to ask the recruiter?

If no one were a soldier, there would be no wars. This is a truism, but it is based on incomplete reasoning. In preparing you to decide whether or not to enlist in the military, this web-site (asktherecruiter.com) is giving you a set of questions to get answers for. Other web-sites, some of them pro-military, and others oriented toward religion or job-searching, suggest other questions. Explore them. Remember, some of these pages won’t tell you all about who sponsors them.

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how much money and death did the “war on terror” cost, 2001-22?

If you decide to go to work for the military, you will be committed to promoting the positive side of military institutions and their activities. It is important for you to know the economic and human costs of the military. Military people will usually not like to talk about this, so you must know about it before you enlist. The most recent example in U.S. history has been the “War on Terror,” started in 2001.

Here are the estimates of that cost.

Pay attention to where the figures don’t match, and where  one or another source includes or excludes certain costs.

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how is the us military a money machine?

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Floyd Mathis